Me, You and the Gym


The gym for the majority, is like Marmite, “you either love it or hate it!”


Well, I can tell you that the love for the gym has been firmly on the rise and in 2018, the forecast looks the same. And I am going to give you 5 reasons why, you should, if you’re not already, following the crowd and falling in love with the gym!

P.S if you are on the hate side, you better start learning to love it! I guarantee, you will at some point, hit that eurika, lightbulb moment in which you wish you had started years ago!


There is a strong connection between going to the gym and getting a better body! Amazing I know. I hear so many people, whining about not having the body they want, feeling conscious and jealous of others, but they aren’t willing to put in the hard work and hours to get the body they want.


We spend hours of each day, scrolling through our body idols and wishing to look like these people. But what we forget is, everyone of those IG sensations or stars have, in fact, worked their butts off to get the results they have and we want.


It is not pure genetics, it is not luck, it is about putting in the hours down at the gym!


So if you want to love the way you look, you need to get in the gym and put in the hard work.



A recent study has shown that people who exercise and see improvements, success and the ability to overcome hurdles they previously thought impossible, result in a having huge rise in self-esteem.


So not only does going to the gym, help you get the body image you want, it also helps improve how you feel about yourself and the skin you live in day to day.


A healthy body, leads to a happy mind! You may not necessarily turn into a cover model straight away, but by improving your fitness, feeling stronger, losing a few pounds or starting to see those abs again, you will be amazed at how good you feel!



The gym, well more so exercise, is known for releasing a hormone called serotonin. Serotonin is a brain chemical and neurotransmitter that has a few functions, one of which is regulating mood. In very simple terms, a higher level of serotonin directly correlates to increased happiness and lower levels link to depression or feeling down.


Exercise is proven to increase serotonin levels via producing more tryptophan (an amino acid that manufactures serotonin) and proven to increase the speed at which serotonin is released. Therefore, exercise makes you happier! And exercise has been found to decrease levels of stress and anxiety. So if you want a happy mind, make sure you fall in love with the gym.


Reason 4 “SEX IS ON FIRE”

Again, multiple research papers published in the Journal of Sport and Exercise, have found that exercise has had a direct impact on the sex drives of both men and women.


As little as 20/30 minutes, 3 times a week has shown significant increase in libido. Research also shows that, the difference in our body image and self confidence, see point 1 and 2, further added to the sex drives of the men and women in question. Happy ending all round.


So, if you want more steamy time with a loved one, a partner, someone else’s partner (it is Marbella) make sure you get down to the gym now!


After all, our testosterone levels start to diminish from as early as 30 years young, so make sure you are raring to go and keep that spark in your love life.



The last few years, dating apps have been the biggest meeting point for singletons, however recent research in America has suggested the tide is turning and more people are looking for love in the gym.


For one, you know they are real, secondly, you probably have at least one similar interest, whether it is loving the gym or hating it and our testosterone levels are higher during and up to 30 minutes post exercise.


47% of people asked said they would like to meet someone in the gym and 32% said they were motivated to gym more and work harder from the prospect of a possible meet.


So if you are looking for love, look no further than the new hottest spot in town, the gym!


There you have it! My top 5 reasons why 2018 should be the year you fall in love with the gym, so that you fall in love with yourself and potentially someone else!



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