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Kayla Itsines is taking the fitness world by storm. I had the pleasure of talking to the 23 year-old Aussie beauty about her phenomenal fitness programme, where she revealed some of her health and fitness secrets. Kayla embarked on a personal training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness in 2008, securing a job immediately after graduation. This experience evolved into her very own venture, where her iconic Bikini Body Guide was created!


Kayla’s real passion began with sport, “my love of sport and basketball lead me to Personal Training, and that’s when I discovered how much I loved helping people to become healthier and happier! I have never looked back since, for me it was a great life changing decision. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world”.


This fitness guru has become an Internet sensation thanks to her intense yet rewarding workout guide. Her health and fitness programme is adored by thousands of women and her Instagram page is inundated with her clients’ genuine inspirational transformations! With more than 1m followers, her guide is soaring with popularity. Kayla’s goal was to create something unique, which is where she created her eBook Bikini Body Guide. “The three weekly resistance workouts go for 28 minutes, require minimal equipment and can be used by almost all fitness levels”.


Despite her programme being labeled a ‘Bikini’ Body guide, Kayla was quick to point out some amazing tips for the colder winter months, as it’s getting chillier in Adelaide too – well at least by Australian standards! The message she wants to convey is that women have to feel confident, happy and healthy in their bodies continuously – not just on the beach! Consequently, she swears by warming up before exercise, especially during the winter chill! ”Warming up before a workout is vital, particularly in winter weather. This is because your body can be more injury prone as your muscles may be tighter if they aren’t warmed up! A slow jog or a fast paced walk for around 5 minutes is recommended prior to starting your high intensity workout”.


Kayla has been an inspiration and is an influential healthy role model to all women. It is evident from her toned biceps, her sculpted quads and her chiseled abs that her programme works – definitely a worthwhile investment this winter!


A day in the life of Kayla!



Toast with poached eggs, avocado, tomato and spinach, plus a cup of herbal tea

After morning snack

One piece of fruit


Chicken yiros wrap with homemade tzatziki, lettuce, tomato and onion

Afternoon snack

Tuna salad & a piece of fruit


Avgolemono, a fluffy lemon & rice soup with

Chicken – her absolute favourite!


She swears by a peppermint or chamomile tea in the evening


Kayla’s Top Tips to Brave that Winter Chill!



This is perfect in the colder months as it gets your blood pumping. “Throw on some gloves, a beanie and a scarf and brave the weather. How great is that – you can catch up on all of the latest news with your friends and burn calories at the same time!”


Winter Sport!

If you’re lacking in motivation, Kayla insists you join a sporting team with a friend. “Playing a winter sport is the perfect opportunity to keep fit and active during winter whilst being social at the same time!”



Kayla advises you to find a local park, as this is a great space to workout in. “You can use any stable benches or elevated surfaces for exercises like tricep dips, knee ups and step ups. You can always invest in a skipping rope and an exercise mat for some more ideas!



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