ReikiMy name is Shaun Freebody – I am a Reiki therapist now resident in the Golden Tart’s salon here in Puerto Banus. So who I am is what makes me a little different from others perhaps! Well, as you know my name is Shaun, I am from the United Kingdom, born in the forests of England. I was raised in a small village that shielded me from the outside world, I battled with schooling greatly as many of us did, at the age of 19, a greater battle appeared in my life – Cancer.

Doctors never once asked me about my diet or lifestyle it was their way or the great highway that we will all meet one day. These experiences helped me gain the hunger for life and also where many questions entered my mind towards the Pharmaceutical drug companies, doctors and surgeons.

Before I tell you more, let me take this chance to talk about Reiki as many people do not know what it is.

What is Reiki? – It is an accent energy healing technique that was lost in time, it was rediscovered in the late nineteenth century by a Japanese man called Dr Mikao Usui. Dr Usui joined a Zen monastery and started studying old manuscripts, it was then that he came across this ancient healing technique and so, this lost energy healing was slowly reborn and put into practice. Reiki has been used for 1000’s of years, Buddha and Jesus were said to channel this energy, however, it follows no religion and everyone is able to benefit from this.

A Reiki therapist is someone who taps into this universal life energy and allows it to flow through the body to the recipient who then draws this energy from the therapist to where it is needed, unknowingly. The laying of hands is the connection point where the energy is transferred to the recipient’s energy points called (Chakras) or to where healing is required. This is where blocks may occur if the recipient is not truly open. Each chakra is linked to various organs in the body. As a therapist we are guided to where healing is needed. Whilst channelling, I am guided by this unseen force and receive different messages, some are clairvoyant, and others are to where the healing is needed without being told.

This energy has unlimited uses and only the mind of the individual blocks this. It is able to boost the immune system, which helps kick start a healthy lifestyle. Reiki is used for all types of conditions, not only does it help eradicate toxins from the body, it also helps reduce inflammation, infections, and any types of pain you can think of, along with helping to heal the body from major disease. It calms one’s nerves and is very beneficial for people dealing with anxiety, who perhaps have busy lifestyles or who just need to be rebalanced after life situations, past, present and future.
What does Reiki feel like? Everyone is different, I can only go by what people have reported to me. Heat is felt where healing is needed. Some people see colours others drift off into a sacred place that is hard to describe, some awaken with tears and others with laughter. A great deal of stress and pain is released, emotions and blockages can feel lifted. Some people’s reaction is “Wow I feel so energized and clear headed.”

Reiki is a non-invasive therapy where no removal of clothing is necessary. One can channel this energy without hands on, however, a hands on therapy is always recommended by myself as this is the way I have been trained, but I can channel hands off also.

Who have I channeled Reiki for? Well for a start I use it on myself daily for many varied things. I have now channeled this energy for a great number of people. The list is growing, some had bad arthritis, others trauma from divorce and the break-up of relationships, relaxation, people recovering from heart attacks/ strokes, breaks in bones, sprains, money issues, major stress issues, alcoholism, drug abuse, to calm one’s nerves in many situations, to create luck, cure hangovers, dissolve kidney stones, weight issues, fibromyalgia disease, major depression, house cleansing from negative energies, protection for travel, Delhi belly, exhaustion, job creation, the old and beautiful, good fortune, positive awakenings.

I feel Reiki is extremely important to me and others, I was attuned to Reiki 1 in 2013 and progressed to Reiki 3 over the years whilst inbetween travels. I use it daily and I am constantly adjusting for improvement, mentally, physically, and spirituality, to become deeper in-tuned with this pure energy that I channel. I fully believe in what I do. The number of recommended sessions depends on the nature of the healing.

At the age of 22 after my diagnosis life had become extremely delicate “This was not my path”. I left the UK with a skinhead haircut, and a young English attitude to go with it,- that would later land me in a great deal of trouble with the Authorities abroad.

I returned to the UK a hugely different person, this initial epic trip gave me insight from a different perspective of life which made me feel so tremendously free. It also started opening me up to alternative medicine by using what nature provides us with. The eye-opening experience that I gained made me instantly addicted to travel where I was scratching at the walls back in the UK to go travelling once more. Now my mind had opened I became fiercely headstrong towards modern ways and the system, I refused to become entrapped.

My travel career had been truly born and, within a very short time scale I was yet again on the move, traveling around the world on my own, getting completely off the beaten track, each trip becoming more fearlessly adventurous, always pushing many boundaries as far as possible before that little voice rang out loud and clear, “don’t go any further.” Sometimes I have had to run for my life, I can remember a few times in Kashmir and Colombia that were pretty hairy not to mention – Malaysia and Panama, where my worldly talking skills came into effect rather rapidly.

I have now travelled to many places in my 23 years of travel when timing has been right, refusing vaccinations and travel insurance, I have ventured of into the world. Hitchhiking around the world has brought its dangers where I maybe should have lost my life. Throwing myself down a mountain glacier to escape a group of men has its story, disappearing for days, weeks and sometimes a month here and that would drive my family and friends insane with worry about me. I would turn up with stories that would scare the living daylights out of them, having them say “One day you will die for sure, you must tell us where you are going” But it is never enough! How can I tell people where I am going if I don’t know where I am going myself?! Sometimes I walk for 100’s of miles, crossing mountain rivers and melting glaciers, setting up camp in some truly magical places has been mind boggling. I have travelled to places that I have never heard of before, meeting people from all walks of life has brought many skills to me, I have had to truly look out for myself whilst on the road, putting my trust and life into those who I do not know, for sure it’s been rewarding. It is a guarantee that I have broken every rule on the British high commission travel guidelines on what not to do and where not to go.

I have spent time in the Amazon and various other jungles around the globe after wandering off on my own, being told by some locals not to go has made me smile as I walked off towards my destination, being introduced to tribes, carrying out completely mind blowing ceremonies have left their mark on me both physically, mentally, emotionally, and of course spiritually, which is where my true sight for healing was born. What I have gone out and done has been a little different perhaps from the rest. As the years have gone by I have been attuned to each stage of Reiki, and that has been a great companion for me. My intuition has been greatly heightened, it has also helped a great deal of people around the world as I have travelled giving them healing as my steps unfold, sometimes in exchange for food or accommodation, sometimes there is no need for money and that is a true gift.

If you would like to know more, or have some Reiki healing, you will find me at Golden Tart’s salon in Puerto Banus, where I can channel this pure healing energy for you and others.