60 SECOND INTERVThe 60 Second Interview

Jasmina Rucic

Try Blend’s cocktails, smoothies & signature milkshakes, hang out with friends in their cozy lounge seats, share some delectable food, taste amazing coffees or book a champagne breakfast to start your day in style. Marbella Rocks caught up with owner and proprieter, Jasmina Rucic, to find out about the bar and restaurant taking Marbella by storm.


What is the “Blend Experience?”

At Blend we want to make you feel at home. You can hop in for a drink, have some freshly made food, chill in our lounge seats or at the bar, spend some time with your friends or even work while we serve you. Many people are surprised by our amazing food. We have simple and easy food, but all freshly made and it tastes like heaven!


You are known for amazing cocktails and milkshakes, what is the biggest and best one you do?

Well, our fantasy milkshake is definitely one of the favorites. People sometimes even order them just for the picture! The fantasy milkshake is always different. It can be with donuts, pancakes, flamingos, chocolate bars, it all depends on the ingredients we have and the creativity of our staff. This is why people love to come back for it, as they will never get the same one twice.


You are having a Season Opening when everyone else is closing in October, can you tell us more?

We are open all year round, more and more locals are discovering us and we are very happy about that. BLEND. is a cozy hangout where you catch up with friends in a laidback atmosphere, we see that more and more people are discovering us and come back to us, which is great!


You have the best Ladies Night with cava and 2-4-1 drinks – when can us ladies expect to take advantage of these offers?

We have a daily happy hour from 20:00 till 22:00 and on Saturdays cava is half price from 18:00 till midnight. So what are you waiting for J?


What other offers do you have at the moment?

We have 2-4-1 salads on Wednesday, On Thursdays free cava for ladies who lunch or dine and on Fridays Two steaks with a bottle of house wine for only 45 euros (VAT incl)


What is the best thing about owning your own bar/restaurant?

That there’s never a dull moment, I meet many nice people and I can eat amazing food everyday.


What is your favourite dish on the menu?

I am crazy about our lamb chops with garlic mash, our pil pil is the best I ever had & almost daily I eat the Chef’s Bowl. This is a tropical salad with chicken or prawns and the ladies are mad about it!


If you could only take 3 things to a dessert island what would they be and why?

My kids, a good book and Blend’s lamb chops 😉


What is your greatest achievement?

I am very proud of my work, but even more proud of the fact that I raised my kids to be adorable grown-ups and they all have a good heart.


Best advice you’ve ever been given?

To never mind what other people say and do what I want. I am used to the fact that I always stand out from the crowd.


Worst habit?

I am sooooo stubborn.


What did you want to be growing up?

Well, my parents wanted me to be a doctor or a lawyer as I went to the gymnasium. But me? One day I wanted to be a photographer, other day a dog rescuer, third day something else. I am a creative person, sometimes messy and annoying, but always with good intentions!


What couldn’t you live without?

My family.


What are you listening to?

I don’t listen to anyone, this is the problem haha! Just joking, I love all kind of music, from Ed Sheeran to deep house to foreign music that sounds like crying cats. Just no rock music for me.


Best thing about being in Marbella?

The weather!


Worst thing?

I work very quick and clear, I had to get used to this Spanish mentality where everything takes a lot of time and does not always go how you want it. For a control freak like me it can be hard, but hey, I’ll manage, I enjoy Marbella a lot!




To Enjoy the Blend Experience head to:






12.00 am ~ 2.00 am



RESERVATIONS: +34 952 63 42 99